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Our Story 

Infobytes, Inc is a tech company with a servant's heart. We are for profit; however, our clients get such a tremendous bang for their buck that in the last 27 years we have been accused of running the biz like a non-profit. Finally, we decided to open the philanthropy division to officially assist others. It's the American way: to make a profit and extend a hand.

Infobytes will lighten your load.

Public Entities entrusted with tax dollars can increase communications, decrease the likelihood of liability exposures in a responsible and cost effective manner.
Businesses will see an increase in their bottom line. Profits may come via increase efficiency, stronger marketing and messaging, and strong digital distribution systems.

Call us today. We are interested in working with qualified entities and innovative enterprises.

Our People

Infobytes adapts and grows to always stay ahead of the curve. Long before the pandemic, we utilized remote technology to attract some of the most talented programmers and creatives around. Our team enjoys working together to create the best looking and easy to use tools, services, and applications for our clients. One of the founding principles of Infobytes has been to have a "servant's heart". We enjoy working hard, building great tools, and serving our clients.

Our founder, Loretta Gale, offers a unique and rare perspective to the Digital World. She started her career in insurance. Before she was born, her parents started Olympus Insurance Agency. The agency was located in the basement of their family home. She watched her mother type out applications and endorsement requests. She fondly remembers going out on appointments with her father. Loretta jokes that growing up around the principles of the transfer of risk, loss control and risk management became part of her DNA. It set her on the path of a career in complex and sophisticated insurance products.

Over 27 years ago, she was the National Marketing Director of a brokerage firm in Oregon. Part of her job was overseeing the marketing efforts of the company. At the time, Microsoft ® conducted a contest entitled "Activate the Internet." Ms. Gale was named one of the top six web developers in the world. She received a slew of equipment, a fast internet connection and much more. Shortly after winning, she sat down with her boss and said, "I think this internet thing is going to be something. I'd like to take a 6-month sabbatical and see where this goes."

Her boss scoffed and said, "We'll see you in six months." She never went back.

But, those ingrained roots of liability exposures, prudent risk management techniques are still a part of Infobytes's corporate culture. A tremendous benefit to our clients. Building gorgeous apps, that are robust and as safe as possible.