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Challenge us. The Larry Miller online ticketing story is the epitome of what excites us. At the time (1999), there was no online option to buy movie tickets. The front door ticketing system was using an old database called FoxPro. We were challenged to tie into that old database and make sure that tickets sold online wouldn’t conflict with tickets at the door.

We had a month to do it. StarWars The Phantom Menace tickets were going on sale and Larry Miller demanded they be available online.

We did it. We built a robust Microsoft SQL database, customized extremely fast queries (yes, Roger Miller, bless his soul, was timing us with a stopwatch) to ping the onsite tickets. Then ported that info to the master database we built with Microsoft SQL Servers, which then displayed availability online for purchase. While we were in there, we added reserve seating options, which our GIS mapping guys loved, as well as the ability to pre order food and refreshments.

Like we said, challenge us. Call today. Let’s see if your idea or need is difficult enough for us to motivate us. You won't regret it

InfoGIS and Custom Coding 

The 1999 story about our innovative solutions to get the movie tickets sold online highlights our automation savvy and creativity. Plus, it shows how the automation can be fast, secure, and generate more profits for your business.

The successful combination of GIS mapping with reserve seating, custom queries, secure passes with payment gateways, as well as API for kiosks, membership clubs and subscriptions might help you understand our specialties and areas of expertise.

Throw in there our founder comes from a risk management, cyber security background and we are deploying robust, secure applications (NOTHING is bullet proof, but we take every precaution to significantly reducing the probability of intrusions and exposures).

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