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Market Weather 

Infobytes is a data driven organization. We came to realize that the Stock Market behaves in very natural and orderly ways, much like the weather. Our daily weather reports provide a high degree of accuracy of zones where market systems are likely to shift momentum in their ever evolving effort to restore balance to the ever changing Bid/Ask dance in play.

For us, here in Utah, if there is a high probability of a huge snow dump, we are waxing our skis (or snowboards) and getting ready to hit the slopes. For those living in Hawaii when the surfers get word of the big swells coming, they head over to Jaws just for a chance to ride the big ones.

After much work, we've developed a market barometer that can provide us a very high likelihood and probability zones of upcoming market shifts. The market makers and their algorithms already know this stuff, however we've figured out a way of looking over their shoulder--so to speak--to see the same market energy systems they see.

Currently, we are accepting a limited group of beta testers for this exclusive information to be tested and applied in their own trading. It will be ready to go in the coming months.

If you are interested in seeing the probabilities, please fill out the form on the Contact page.

The Ocean Analogy

We use the Ocean analogy as a metaphor only. There are thousands of books, courses, and experts providing explanations and technical market analysis. We are attempting to provide you with a simple, useful, intuitive and easy to apply graphic presentation on what the market is telling us that it’s in the process of doing. Let’s always remember the price is the last to show up to the party as it is the effect of what’s been going on under the hood by the market makers.

Now, imagine you are a professional surfer (aka professional trader), you know exactly what to do with various waves and tides. If you could find out a couple of days in advance what those tides were going to be, it would be valuable intel, would it not? You'd be able to prepare yourself a couple of days in advance and say OK looks like we need to pay attention here, just imagine no more blind side hits by the market to your position(s).

Now, you will receive your daily market weather report after the close of the market each day, and let’s assume you notice there's a 70% plus probability that the winds are likely to change direction. Well the point here is that if the market energy is demonstrating it is about to shift directions, you can prepare yourself accordingly. If you are cruising along on the highway at 80 MPH or so, wouldn’t it be nice to know there’s a big patch of ice on the road just ahead?

We assume you would know what to do from this bit of helpful intel. We don’t teach or provide any trading strategies. We just believe our Market Barometer System would be of great assistance to let you know of what is brewing behind the scenes and to be on alert for any market shifts should they occur. Our mission is to just make you aware of a high probability area of change is present and it’s wise to wake up and pay attention through this area until the coast is clear.

If you are interested in being in our beta testing group of our market barometer system, please drop us a line in the Contact Form. We are most confident you will love the daily weather reports you receive and the way it provides you with a “heads up” in the market.