Programming –––– 
Custom Coding with secure future proofing


Programming is our foundation. The languages and transmissions vary depending on the project. Because of the nature of many of our projects, many of our programmers have high security clearance. Rest assured that the languages used to complete your work will be robust and secure.

Senior Programmers are typically the back-end software developers. These programmers build software, apps, APIs, plugins, and bridges that solve problems and meet client's needs.

The front-end programmers typically have a design flare. They work with HTML, CSS and JavaScript for smooth UX design, efficiency and ease of use. Our front-end programmers utilize Bootstrap, Foundation, and Materialize to jump start the project.

Eligible Clientele 

Infobytes specializes in innovative projects that help people save time and money. We are selective in which projects work best with our talented team.

Before you contact us, please understand that we are a specialized company and carefully review potential projects. Although we have vast experience and a wide array of services--we are not all things to all people or companies. Our time and talents are valuable. We will not waste your time or ours with frivolous unnecessary work.

If you are accepted, we commit to giving you the best possible product. service and/or solutions. We strive to exceed your expectations.

Call 877-521-INFO to inquire if we have synergy working together on a creative and challenging project.