Film: Photography & Video

Hollywood Expertise in Utah
Photography/Video Film Production

Conception to Produced Film: Storyboard, Write Script, Produce, Direct, Film, Sound, Lighting, Edit, Color Correct. Options for professional spokesperson and voice overs.

Clare Harper
Clare Harper--Directory of Photography
Write Script
Color Correct

Bonus Skill: Excellent Spokesperson (Panasonic, Epson, IBM)

The Ocean Analogy

This video is used in our explanation of the S&P Market Barometer/Weather App. Sophisticated products and concepts occassionally are understood with analogy, videos and photos. The analogy is here.

Artistic Eye Captures the Uniquely Beautiful

Clare's artistic eye captures the uniquely beautiful in seemingly everyday scenes. Seeing the same thing that everyone else sees and thinking what no one else has thought is a true definition of creativity. Art brings us together and Clare's artistic eye will help bring your people together in your cause, message, even products that fill unique needs.

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Human eyes are drawn to children
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Unique Perspective
Unique Perspectives bring stunning results
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Cheetah (Not everyday but a spectacular moment on camera)
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Unique Wedding shot
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Owl in Neighbood Tree
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New York Police
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