Infobytes a Salt Lake City based creative & programming company.


We are Infobytes.  We ride the edge on custom programming & design -- since 1993.  Much of our custom work is in such demand we've packaged it up as an easily purchased product or app. 

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Based in SLC

Infobytes is a small, efficient programming and design firm started in Salt Lake City, Utah. Most of our staff and employees are located here, however, we have several remote employees across the nation--and internationally.

We've been around for about 28 years, and we are able to be fairly selective in our clientele. We love a challenge. We enjoy partnering with creative and innovative clients. If you have a unique project, that can give us a challenge. Give us a call.

Of course, our current clientele will always get priority and our fullest attention. If you'd like to see if you can become one of partnering clients. Give us a call. 877.521.INFO

Our Natural Studio

There’s a reason one of Utah’s largest industries is tourism: Utah is beautiful. When we aren’t out in the mountains, the stunning scenery inspires us. It’s reflected in our gorgeous work.

By the way, skiing isn’t a requirement to work with us, but the entire office has shut down on a powder day.

Top Divisions


Programming is our heart. The languages are transmissions vary depending on the project. Because of the nature of many of our projects, many of of our programmers have farily high security clearance. Rest assured that the languages used to complete your work will be robust and secure. more>


StarGOV is our local governmenatal division which originated in the 1990s when elected officals wondered why they needed email when they had a fax machine. We've come a long way baby--and so have the local entities. They are much more sophisticated now and we've stayed ahead of their needs. more>


If you've gone to a movie or hit the slopes in Utah, chances our you've already used something we've built. We love building things that make life easier for people and increase the bottom line for a business. If you have an idea, that we haven't already built, please contact us! The challenge is invigorating. more>


Our Non-profit division  honors the old fashioned American way. Helping others who need it. We've set up some 5013Cs which are helping those in need. If you are interested in making a tax deductible contribution, let us know. If you are a non-profit and need a boost. We're here to help. more>

Much more than just a design company: innovative custom programming, StarGOV, Small Business Initiative, and Philantropy.